Galway Crystal Erne Beer/Cocktail


A pattern taking inspiration from the River of the same name, rising in County Cavan and rippling throughout Fermanagh before turning west into Donegal Bay.

You are going to want a set of our beautifully designed Craft Beer/Cocktail Glass Pair for your drink cupboard. The Blush coloured base and elegant tulip glass shape along with the Erne pattern displays light lines along the body adding a modern and stylish finish. The tulip beer glass is perfectly shaped to enhance your beer drinking experience and most importantly for beer lovers it captures the aromas and preserves the perfect beer head. You can also use this glass for stylish cocktails and as a water glass. The perfect all in one everyday glass, certainly a must have for all you beer and cocktail lovers.

7.1cm (W) X 19.1cm (H)


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