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  • Jelly Cat, Tumblie Sheep Dog


    His sheep are so smart they’ve penned themselves in, so Tumble Sheepdog has nothing to do! Can you think up some funny games to play? This flopsy pup loves to roll on the grass, kicking up his snuggly grey and cream paws. He also likes to bark, but is very well behaved and will sit and stay beautifully!

  • Jelly Cat, I am Small Silver Bunny

    In Bashful Silver Bunny’s warren, everything is silver! Their soft bed, their teapot, even their tea is Earl Grey! But it’s such a pretty colour, it’s understandable. Their cuddly silver tummy is deliciously soft and their long lop ears are too fluffy not to tickle!
  • Jelly Cat, Lottie Bunny Ballet

    Lottie Bunny Ballet is having a rest after doing her very best barre routine! This dainty dancer has long leafy ears, a gentle smile and beige-apricot fur. She wears a peachy knit cardigan, tied with a ribbon, and a floaty mesh tutu, edged in satin. Encore, Lottie!
  • Jelly Cat, Bashful Lamb

    Tumbly-bumbly, creamy and cuddly, Bashful Lamb has gotten all dizzy! Her dreamily soft buttercream fur and flopsy ears are irresistibly scrummy – no wonder she’s such a loveable baby!
  • Jelly Cat, Finley Bear

    Finley Bear is one tussly grizzly, with rumpled, ruffled milk-chocolate fur!
    Big squashy paws and a cocoa nose help this cub trundle through the woods!
    Hibernate with this tousled teddy bear for happy dreams of forest streams.
  • Jelly Cat, I am Small Blossom Silver Bunny

    Blossom Bashful Silver Bunny loves flowers so much that she wears them on her paws and ears!
    She’s happiest of all when rolling through the buttercups and whizzing down hills!
  • Jelly Cat, Floral Lottie Bunny

    Lottie Bunny Floral is ready for a picnic in a pastel blue dress with pretty flowers! This oatmeal bunny has long flopsy ears, squish-squash paws and a sweet expression. A lovely present for spring or summer, full of joy and bounce!