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  • Galway Crystal Erne Gin Glasses Pair


    Balloon Gin glasses are a favourite of Gin lovers for their large rounded body. Our Erne Gin glasses is everything you need in a perfect gin glass.

    This glass is distinguished by the erne pattern displaying light lines along the body adding a modern and stylish finish. . The wide brim of the glass lifts the fragrance of your G&T up to your nose, allowing you to enjoy the full aroma of the drink as you sip!

    The spacious bowl of this stunning glass allows for plenty of ice to keep your dink refreshingly chilled, while the tall slim stem prevents your hands from warming or melting the ice when holding. The added bonus of a large balloon glass alows for plenty of garnish to help flavour your G & T and most importantly make it look pretty! If you love gin this is the glass for you.

    This set contains 2 glasses.


  • Galway Crystal Erne Champagne Flute Set 4


    If you love your “fizz” then these Erne champagne flutes, from Galway Crystal,  are for you. The champagne flute represents luxury and class.

    Aesthetically, it has a tall, thin body with medium to long stem that makes you immediately think of sophistication and indulgent celebrations. A flute shape glass really  gives more “oomph” to your champagne/prosecco as more bubbles are generated and float to the surface.

    The luxurious glass shape along with the Erne pattern displaying light lines along the body adds a stylish and modern finish. Champagne/prosecco lovers this glass is for you.

    This set contains 4 glasses.



  • Galway Crystal Elegance Cocktail Pair


    This Martini/Cocktail Pair is part of a timeless Elegance Galway Crystal Living range. The V-Shaped Martini/cocktail is one of the most iconic cocktail glasses.

    A modern take on an old classic! The sensual silhouette of a martini glass shouts high class and sophistication. The functionality of this glass is perfect the long stem keeps the cocktail cold without using ice that tends to water the drink down and the wide brim allows maximum air exposure while the narrow base ensures most of the spirits flavour opens up. The perfect glass for all you cocktail lovers!

    Set of 2 glasses.


  • Galway Crystal Erne Wine Glasses Blush


    These beautifully crafted Galway Crystal wine glasses with a blush coloured base are essential glasses for your home and are designed for fine wine lovers. The elegant shape of the glass along with the Erne pattern displays light lines along the body adding a stylish and modern finish. These are ideal for everyday use but are also a perfect present for the wine lover.

    Set of 2.


  • Butlers Milk Hot Chocolate


    Inspired by the award-winning Hot Chocolate drink in Butlers Chocolate Cafés, Butlers have reinvented Hot Chocolate indulgence with the creation of this nectarous at home version. The perfect treat for gourmet hot chocolate lovers of all ages, why not serve topped with marshmallows or over cookies. See inside for more delicious recipe variations.

    Pack of 10.


    This product may contain traces of nuts.

  • Poppies Stem Glass


    Poppies Stem Glass.

    Hand painted in a lovely gift box. The perfect Gift.